Gelbvieh cattle are a German, triple purpose breed.
They were bred for milk and meat - and as a beast of burden.

Gelbvieh is pronounced ‘gel-fee’ - meaning ‘gold cow’.

Queensland stud breeders produce quality Gelbvieh stud stock.
Commercial herds are turning off Gelbvieh and crossbred stock,
which frequently tops the market.

Breeder herds utilising Gelbvieh for crossbreeding with great results
are Angus, Braford, Charbray, Charolais, Devon, Droughtmaster,
Grey Brahman, Hereford, Red Brahman, Santa Gertrudis and Shorthorn.

The potential of crossbreeding with Gelbvieh is limited only
by those not taking the opportunity to use Gelbvieh bulls
to source the breed’s strengths and versatility.

     * Fertility
     * Mothering ability
     * Docility
     * Adaptability
     * Longevity
     * Excellent Carcass Qualities
     * Overall Pigmentation
     * High Saleable Meat Yield
     * Outstanding Weight for Age



Above Gelbvieh and below Balancers in South East Queensland.

Gelbvieh x Red Angus (Balancer) bull

Gelbvieh x Red Angus (Balancer) bull

Below - Gelbvieh - Gelbvieh x Brahman stock in Tropical Queensland

Gelbvieh x Charolais x Droughtmaster steer

Gelbvieh x Charolais x Droughtmaster steer





Gelbvieh x Fresian

Gelbvieh x Santa Gertrudis

Below - Gelbvieh cross stock in Central North Outback, NSW.

Gelbvieh Brahman cross calf

Gelbvieh Charolais cross calf

Gelbvieh Charbray cross calf and dam

Gelbvieh Angus cross calf and dam
Below - Gelbvieh x Red Angus (Balancer) and other Gelbvieh crosses in South East Queensland

Gelbvieh x Red Angus steer

Gelbvieh x Red Angus steer

Gelbvieh x Hereford cow

Gelbvieh x Shorthorn cow

Why don’t you consider using Gelbvieh !
With these functional traits - how could you go wrong !

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The Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc.
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