Judge Troy Setter - Chief Operating Officer for AACo.
Exhibits 10


Champion Female
MIDAS WINDLASS G005 (CR & JL Braithwaite Murgon Q)

Reserve Champion Female
SUNSHINE GEM (G & M Chaplin Cooroy Q)

Champion Female Midas Windlass G005
Owned and exhibited by Chris and Julie Braithwaite.
The Broad Ribbon presentation. Chris Braithwaite with the calf.


Champion Bull
WEETALABAH HULK H052 (AJ & JC Nixon Chinchilla Q)

Reserve Champion Bull
SUNSHINE GUNSMOKE (M & G Chaplin Cooroy Q)

Champion Bull Weetalabah Hulk H052
Owned and exhibited by Julie and Aderian Nixon
The Broad Ribbon presentation. Hulk H052 and Julie Nixon.




Sale Date: Saturday 24 August 2013
Venue: Coolabunia Saleyards - Kingaroy Q
Vendors: Crosshill, Midas, Norolle, Sunshine, Weetalabah
Selling Agents: Elders and Landmark

Branch Meeting: 5.30 pm Friday 23 August
Dinner & Get-together: 7 pm Friday 23 August
Venues to be announced

Burke and Wills Motor Inn Ph: 07 4162 2933
Kingaroy Country Motel Ph: 07 4162 1966

Qld President - Chris Braithwaite Mob: 0429 073 758
Qld Secretary - Julie Nixon Mob: 0414 253 936



Most Successful Gelbvieh Exhibitor - Congratulations
Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas Gelbvieh Stud, Murgon Q

Senior and Grand Champion Bull:
Midas Francisco F028

Senior and Grand Champion Bull: Midas Francisco F028
before being sashed.

Junior Champion Bull: Weetalabah Gelbvieh G022

Res. Junior Champion Bull: Weetalabah Gummi Bear G059

Junior Champion Bull: Weetalabah Gelbvieh G022
Res. Junior Champion Bull: Weetalabah Gummi Bear G059

Senior and Grand Champion Female: Midas Opal F045

Junior Champion Female: Midas Windlass G005

Res. Senior Champion Female: Ebony Lodge Sheridan D11

PRE SALE FUNCTION - Friday 19 August 2011

Vendors and other Queensland members, visitors and prospective buyers enjoyed a friendly and informal Pre Sale Get Together at the Restaurant at the Cotswold Motor Inn.

L-R Tracie Borg, winner of a lucky draw, and Michael Borg
“Calveston Station” Clermont, and Chris Braithwaite, Midas Stud
Murgon, Council President and Qld Branch President.

L-R Brian Kaddatz, ATG Stud; Lonnie Stone, Scanner; Guy Swan,
Sunshine Stud representative and winner of a lucky draw, Stephen
Hayward, Advance Fitting Service; with Ken and Julie Thompson,
Urdiamond Stud, Cinnabar. Julie was the winner of the lucky door
ticket and another lucky draw.

Lyall Nixon celebrated his ninth birthday at the dinner.
Pictured are Aleacea, Lyall, Aderian and Julie Nixon,
Weetalabah Stud Chinchilla.



Saturday 20 August - Toowoomba Showgrounds
See details on SALES page


Judge: Mr Spencer Morgan, The Grove Shorthorns, Condamine Qld
No of exhibits: 16


Junior Champion Bull
MIDAS FRANCISCO F28 (C & J Braithwaite Murgon Qld)

Reserve Junior Champion Bull

Senior Champion Bull
EBONY LODGE E62 (M & W Jackson Guyra NSW)

Reserve Senior Champion Bull


Junior Champion Female

Reserve Junior Champion Female
UAD MISS FANCY (P/ship K & J Thompson, G & J Perrett, Midas Stud)

Senior Champion Female
MIDAS WINDLASS D008 (C & J Braithwaite Murgon Qld)

Reserve Senior Champion Female
SUNSHINE DELIALA (G & M Chaplin Cooroy Q)


Grand Champion Bull
EBONY LODGE E62 (M & W Jackson Guyra NSW)

Grand Champion Female

Tie: Sunshine & Midas

Grand Champion Bull - Ebony Lodge E62 exhibited by
M & W Jackson of JPC Gelbvieh Stud Guyra NSW.


Grand Champion Female - Sunshine Enchanting exhibited
by G & M Chaplin Sunshine Gelbvieh Stud Cooroy Qld.

Aleacea Nixon with Weetalabah Gummibear G059, the
calf at foot on the winner of the 20 months and under
30 months female class in the Gelbvieh ring.


During QCL Westpac Southern Beef Week Gelbvieh stock
was displayed at Braithwaites' Midas Stud, Murgon Qld
and at Johnsons' Norolle Stud, Millmerran Qld.

L-R Toby Harpham, Westpac and Clyde Johnson; with Richard
Preston and Matthew Long both from Westpac, pictured at Norolle
during Beef Week.


PRE SALE FUNCTION - Friday 20 August 2010

Interstate Gelbvieh visitors Cass and Geoff Steinbeck NSW,
Marion and Steve Magini WA, Michele and Barry Fleming WA; and
Trix and Denis Dobson Tasmania, joined Queensland members,
prospective buyers and friends to enjoy an informal Pre Sale Get
Together at Crazy Gallaghers Restaurant at the Wilsonston Hotel.

L- R Barry Fleming, Denis Dobson and Steve Magini,
L- R Michele Fleming, Trix Dobson and Marion Magini

L-R Winners of lucky door and lucky chair prizes, Aderian Nixon, Fred Rich, Kirrily
Johnson-Iseppi, Christine Ranger, Marion Magini and Michele Fleming

Enjoying the night with face painting courtesy of the Hotel, were left to right,
Brooke and Jake Iseppi with Lyall and Aleacea Nixon. Photos: Marion Magini.


Judge: Miss Julie Pocock, Cambooya Qld.

Female Classes

Class 220 Heifer 12 months and under 16 months

1. MIDAS OPAL E9 (CR & JL Braithwaite)
2. SUNSHINE EXTRA CHARMING (Sunshine Gelbvieh)

Class 222 Cow or Heifer 20 months and under 48 months

1. EBONY LODGE SHERATON D11 (UR Diamond Gelbvieh)
2. GLENDALE DINA D20 (AJ & JC Nixon)
3. SUNSHINE DELIALA (Sunshine Gelbvieh)

Champion Gelbvieh Cow or Heifer

Champion Gelbvieh Cow, Ebony Lodge Sheraton D11is pictured with owner Julie
Gould, left and handler Chloe Gould, right.

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Cow or Heifer

Reserve Champion Female, Midas Opal E 009 is pictured being sashed.

Bull Classes

Class 223 Bull 12 months and under 16 months

1. SUNSHINE EXPLOSION (Sunshine Gelbvieh)
2. MIDAS ELECTRIC (CR & JL Braithwaite)

Class 225 Bull 20 months and under 42 months

2. MIDAS D BOLT D4 (CR & JL Braithwaite)
3. MIDAS D19 (CR & JL Braithwaite)

Champion Gelbvieh Bull

Champion Gelbvieh Bull, Weetalabah Dogsbody D12, with owner Julie Nixon and
handler Annie Minehan.

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Bull
SUNSHINE EXPLOSION (Sunshine Gelbvieh)

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Bill, Sunshine Explosion, was exhibited by Glenn
and Donna Chaplin, Sunshine Gelbvieh Stud, Cooroy, Qld.

Most Successful Exhibitor
CR & JL Braithwaite


ATG, the Kaddatz family’s Australian Tropical Gelbvieh, and Glenn
Chaplin’s Sunshine Gelbvieh, flew the flag for the Gelbvieh breed
at the Gympie Carcase Classic with a total of four steers.

The 94 steers entered were lot fed and data monitored for 72 days
and then judged on the hook for the results on quality and yield factors.

The entries were ATG1 - 12.5% Gelbvieh x 87.5% Brahman
ATG2 - 75% Gelbvieh x 25% Brahman. The Chaplin steers were
entered as Gelbvieh cross. At the halfway mark in mid June all four
entries were performing above the average.

On the final weigh day Friday 23 July ATG2 placed 6th in %
weight gain and 5th in kg gained at 161 kg gain or 2.236 kg per
day. He registered a total of 70.5 /100 points for carcase
characteristics on the hook. ATG1 registered 73/100.
All four finished above the average and were a credit to the breed.

Terry Nolan addressing onlookers with both ATG steers in the foreground.


Millmerran Qld

Clyde and Alison Johnson welcomed visitors to the
Norolle Gelbvieh Field Day on Thursday 22 July to see the
display of Gelbvieh stock.

Murgon Qld

60 people attended Chris and Julie Braithwaite's property
(Midas Gelbvieh) on 23 July 2010 with speakers Christian Duff
from SBTS  and John Bertram from the DPI both talking on
crossbreeding and bull selection.

MACKAY SHOW - May 2010

Gelbvieh members, Michael and Tracie Borg, Calveston Station,
Clermont in central Queensland, have shown their Gelbvieh x
Brahman x Droughtmaster cattle with success at district shows.

They won the prestigious Class 24A for ‘Two Grassfed Steers live
weight 540 to 750 kg’ at the May 2010 Mackay Show. This class
is the Landmark sponsored Hoof and Hook Feature Class. The win
followed careful selection and early preparation of their two tooth
Gelbvieh cross steers.

The two F1x half Gelbvieh steers that were shown on the hoof
weighed 716 and 714 kg respectively. The two, quarter bred
Gelbvieh bullocks - F1 dams x Brahman bull, dressed out at
identical weights of 385 kg and received a score of 82 points each.
Both pairs won their classes, and placed first overall.

History was created with the Hoof and Hook Feature Class being
won by the same competitor for the first time.

Entries from Michael Borg Investments, all Gelbvieh infused, also
won second place in three other classes - Pen of Three Steers
suitable for the Japanese market, Pen of Three Milk Tooth Steers,
and Single Steer Class for 540 to 620kg.


Norolle Lady in Red B44, Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female and Supreme Gelbvieh
Exhibit at the 2010 Sydney Royal Show, was exhibited by Clyde and Alison Johnson,
Norolle, Millmerran, with her bull calf Evolution 2R E55, at foot by RID Collateral 2R.
Photo: Kirrily Johnson-Iseppi.

Midas Wynn D051 exhibited by CR & JL Braithwaite, second in the class for
females 9 months and not over 14 months, was Reserve Junior Champion Female.

Midas D Bolt D004 exhibited by CR & JL Braithwaite, second in the class for bulls
20 months and not over 30 months, was Reserve Senior Champion Bull.



The 2010 Qld Gelbvieh Feature Show was held at the Murgon Show on
Saturday 20 March.

The enthusiastic committee of Gelbvieh members, headed by Chris
Braithwaite, Julie Gould and Julie Nixon, oversaw a great showing of 39
Gelbvieh. They sourced tremendous sponsorship from Murgon, Gympie and
Kingaroy business houses. Thank you to them and to the exhibitors.

Studs entered were Granite Gold, Midas, Norolle, Sunshine, UR Diamond,
Weetalabah and Windmere. The new Gelbvieh banner, organised by Val
Rogers, was very visible and there were plenty of attentive spectators.

The Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female was judged Interbreed Champion
Female of the Show. Midas was the Most Successful Exhibiter.

Competing in the Breeders Group Class L-R Midas, Weetalabah, Norolle.

Competing in the Pair of Females Class L- R Midas, Norolle, Sunshine,
Weetalabah, Granite Gold.

Judging the Supreme Gelbvieh Exhibit - Norolle Lady in Red B44 and calf,
Midas Electric E201.

Junior and Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Midas Electric E201. L-R Handler
Mark Geiger, owner Chris Braithwaite, and Murgon Showgirl Julie Gould.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female and Interbreed Champion Norolle Lady in Red B44
with her calf. L-R owner Clyde Johnson, handler Gavin Iseppi and Showgirl Julie Gould.

Photos: Courtesy of Brian Kaddatz.


Held on Wednesday 23 September at the Alexander Motel Warwick,
this Social gathering proved to be a great success.

Thanks to Margie and Keith Single and Geoff and Cass Steinbeck for the
bottles of wine from the Single’s Windmill Hill Estate Winery donated for the
lucky door number winners.

Local Stanthorpe apple products, chosen by Val Rogers, were donated by
Alison and Clyde Johnson, for those with lucky spots marked on their chairs.

A Gelbvieh vest and cap as first prize, and a cap as second prize was
donated by Council to be raffled. The Sale committee thanks Council as this
raffle proved to be a good fundraiser.

The evidence of “a good night being had by all” is pictured below. All photos
have names left to right.

Murray Young, Denis Dobson, Mark Lowrey, Wendy Jackson, Doug Roberts,
and Kirrily Johnson-Iseppi.

Guy Swan, Clyde Johnson, Michael Borg and Murray Young.

Larry Cutler, Paul Crosshill, Doug Roberts and John Thomas.

Michael Jackson, Col Flanagan, Max Smart, Denis Dobson, Glen Willcox obscured,
Lorraine Willcox and Wendy Jackson.

Aderian, Aleacea and Julie Nixon; and John Gommers.

Geoff and Cass Steinbeck; and Helen Verecry.

Val and Ian Rogers, Chris Braithwaite, Margaret Wilksch, Susan and Mark Lowrey.

Jake Iseppi, Lyall Nixon and Brooke Iseppi.


Photo Col. Jackson

Stud vendors and prospective stud clients for the National Gelbvieh Sale met at the Ekka.
L-R: Glen Chaplin (Sunshine) Sunshine Beach, Thomas Bewick (Cherryburn) Ravenshoe,
Chris Braithwaite (Midas) Murgon, Denis and Trix Dobson (Golden Gate) Launceston Tas.,
Clyde Johnson (Norolle) Millmerran, Wendy and Michael Jackson (Double J) Guyra NSW.
Front: Guy Swan (Sunshine) Cooroy and Julie Nixon (Weetalabah) Chinchilla.

Judging - Thursday 6 August 2009
Judge - Mr Jason Strong

Midas returns for more Brisbane Gold
Murgon - bred Gelbvieh bulls shine again in 2009.

It was a repeat performance of the 2008 Royal Queensland Show in the
judging of the Gelbvieh bulls this year, with the same bulls winning
champion and reserve champion respectively.

Midas Collosus C002, exhibited by Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas
Gelbviehs, Murgon, was awarded champion bull following a big 12
months on the show circuit.

Midas Collosus C002

After winning the Champion title at the Ekka, the 1178kg bull went on to
win the grand champion Gelbvieh bull and champion interbreed bull at
the 2009 Sydney Royal Show; grand champion at Beef 09
in Rockhampton, and will now be offered at the Gelbvieh National Sale on
September 24 at Warwick.

He scanned with measurements of P8 / rib fat of 13 mm and 10 mm
respectively, and an EMA of 140 sq cms.

The reserve champion bull, Weetalabah HB Cookie, exhibited by Aderian
and Julie Nixon, Weetalabah, Chinchilla, will also be offered for sale at

The 938 kg bull had a P8/rib fat of 8mm and 6mm, and EMA of 129cms.

Weetalabah HB Cookie

The Chaplin family of Sunshine Gelbviehs, Cooray, took out champion
female for the second consecutive year, but this year’s win was with a
proven female, Sunshine Honey Rose, exhibited with a calf at foot.

Sunshine Honey Rose

The Nixon family, Weetalabah, won the reserve female ribbon with their
heifer Glendale Dina D20.

Glendale Dina D20

This heifer has also had a winning run this year, having won calf
champion female at Beef 2009 in Rockhampton.”
QCL report by: Melissa Martin

Most Successful Exhibitor
AJ & JC Nixon Weetalabah Gelbvieh Stud

Other Gelbvieh exhibitors were Thomas Bewick, Cherryburn Gelbvieh
Stud, Ravenshoe Qld and Jackson Pastoral Company, Double J
Gelbvieh Stud, Guyra NSW.

Class 225 - Bull 20 months and under 42 month.

Oldest to youngest L-R:
Midas Collosus exhibited by CR & JL Braithwaite,
Weetalabah HB Cookie exhibited by AJ & JC Nixon,
Sunshine Extra Power exhibited by the Chaplin Family,
Double J Clarry exhibited by Jackson Pastoral Company,
Double J Cyril exhibited by Thomas Bewick, and
Midas Cossack exhibited by Cr & JL Braithwaite


Congratulations to Glen and Donna Chaplin, Sunshine Gelbvieh Stud,
Cooroy, showing Supreme Interbreed Beef Animal at the Sunshine
Coast Show, Nambour, in early June. Sunshine Extra Power was also
Champion Gelbvieh Bull.

Sunshine also showed Supreme Interbreed Cow, the Gelbvieh Female
Champion Sunshine Honey Rose.

Sunshine Gelbvieh has also enjoyed success in 2009 by taking out
the Senior Champion Interbreed Bull at Gympie Show in May.


A Gelbvieh was the Overall Grand Champion Carcase.

Congratulations to Michele and Barry Fleming, Glendale Cattle Enterprises,
Serpentine WA. They won the ANZ award for the highest pen score, across all
classes, in the Beef 2009 Carcass Competition, with a group of three Gelbvieh and
Gelbvieh cross steers. They have done the Gelbvieh breed proud !

The winning pure bred, seven month old Gelbvieh, had a carcass weight of 196kg,
7 mm Rib fat, 10 mm P8 fat, recording 4/5 for fat distribution and an EMA of 63 sq
cm. The steers were processed straight off their mothers at an average age of 7.5
months through Hepple & Sons abattoir at Northam, WA.

Grand Champion Bull

Midas Collosus C2
Exhibited by Chris & Julie Braithwaite
Midas Gelbvieh Stud Murgon.

Grand Champion Female

Norolle Lady in Red B44
Exhibited by Clyde & Alison Johnson
Norolle Cattle Company Millmerran.

Calf Ch. Female Glendale Dina D20
Res. Calf Ch. Female Glendale Divine D18
Both exhibited by Aderian & Julie Nixon
Weetalabah Stud, Chinchilla, Q.
Jun. Ch. Female Norolle Lady in Red C43 - C & A Johnson
Res. Jun. Ch. Female Midas Windlass C10 - C & J Braithwaite
Sen. Ch. Female Norolle Lady in Red B44 - C & A Johnson
Calf Ch. Bull Midas D Bolt - C & J Braithwaite
Res. Calf Ch. Bull Weetalabah Dogsbody D12 - A & J Nixon
Jun. Ch. Bull Norolle 2J Camero - C & A Johnson
Res. Jun. Ch. Bull Sunshine Extra Power - Glen & Donna Chaplin
Sunshine Gelbvieh Cooroy Q.
Sen. Ch. Bull Midas Collosus C2 - C & J Braithwaite
Res. Sen. Ch. Bull Summit Prospect C122 - John & Kim Pugh
Summit Gelbvieh Stud Narrikup, WA

Gelbvieh parading at Beef ‘09

Michele Fleming with the Grand Champion
Carcase Trophy

Australian Gelbvieh Asn. Inc. Site Beef ‘09

Ian Rogers, Granite Gold Gelbvieh, Stanthorpe Q and
Tim Dobson, Golden Gate Gelbvieh, Launceston Tas.


The only Gelbvieh exhibitors at the Sydney Royal show
were Queenslanders.

As probably the smallest team there with three exhibits - four head
including a calf on the cow - their quality was not to be questioned.

The Gelbvieh Champions stood proudly. The Gelbvieh bull was
the Interbreed Champion Bull. This bull and the Gelbvieh Champion Female
were the Runners Up to the Interbreed Champion Pair.

Interbreed Champion Bull - 2009 Sydney Royal

MIDAS COLLOSUS C2, exhibited by Chris & Julie Braithwaite,
Midas Gelbvieh Stud, Murgon Qld, was Senior and Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull.

Supreme Gelbvieh Exhibit - 2009 Sydney Royal

NOROLLE LADY IN RED B44, exhibited by Clyde and Alison Johnson,
Norolle Cattle Company Millmerran, was Senior and Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female
with her heifer calf at foot by JRI PLD Peterbilt.


Thanks to Michele Fleming and Alex Pugh, the organisers of a wonderful tour,
from the Queensland members, who greatly enjoyed the WA experience.
Thanks also to the staff and students at Morawa Ag College and Murdoch University;
and the folks at the family operated Studs who hosted us and made us so welcome.

Tour photos: Courtesy of Julie Nixon, Malcolm King and Clyde Johnson.
Day 1.
Perth - Morawa - Three Springs - Moora.

The group viewing some of the Gelbvieh females
at Morawa Ag College.

Some of the Morawa Show team being prepared
for the 2008 Perth Royal Show.

Some of the female section of the Gelbvieh and crossbred herd  at “Nebru Plains” Three Springs,
where the Pugh family were our hosts.

Part of the “Nebru Plains” 13,000 head feedlot
at Three Springs WA.

Tourist transport at “Nebru Plains”

Standing left to right:
Aderian Nixon (Weetalabah Q), Clyde Johnson (Norolle Q), Wendy Sofield (Gwandallan WA),
John Pugh (Summit WA), Sam Degabriele (Glengarry Gold Vic), Viv Vinicombe (Glendale WA),
Malcolm King (Goldrush Qld), Michele Fleming (Glendale WA) and Muriel Vinicombe.

Sitting left to right:

Alison Johnson, Julie Nixon, Alex Pugh, Steve and Marion Magini (Crystal Ridge WA),
John Whitbread (Ebony Lodge Vic). Below right: Larry Cutler (Ebony Lodge Vic).
Not present: Brice Kaddatz (Australian Tropical Gelbvieh Q) joined the tour on Day 2.

Day 2.
Moora - Perth - Serpentine - Manjimup


A Gelbvieh stud female and her twins
at Murdoch University, Perth.

Murdoch Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh X steers
being prepared for the Perth Royal Show.

Stud bulls at Glendale Stud, Serpentine,
where our hosts were Michele and Barry Fleming;
and Muriel and Viv Vinicombe.

Some of stud females and the lush pasture
at Glendale Stud, Serpentine.
Day 3.
Manjimup - Kojonup - Albany - Porongurup

Braeside Stud females on lush pasture at Manjimup,
where our hosts were Sue and Alan Kelly.

Females at Braeside, eating hay distributed
to keep them close by for easy viewing.

The men view Crystal Ridge females at Kojonup,
where our hosts were Steve and Marion Magini.

Magini’s sale bulls in the Crystal Ridge yards
at Kojonup.

The War Memorial high on a hill at Albany,
when the sun broke through a very rainy sky.

Karribank Retreat at Porongurup Nature Reserve
where the tour group spent a quiet night.
Day 4
Porongurup - Narrikup - Perth

Summit stud females surround our host, John Pugh,
at the family property at Narrikup.

Young Summit Gelbvieh bulls and others
near a wire netting protected tree.
Summit stud females are in the distance.

Gelbvieh graze a paddock bordered by some of the thousands of trees planted by John and Kim Pugh
at “Carmendale” over many years.
The Stirling Ranges form the backdrop.

For the full tour story go to



Show Report Courtesy of QCL August 2008

“ Chris and Julie Braithwaite’s Midas Gelbvieh Stud had won Champion Female twice before at the Queensland Royal, but the Champion Bull broad ribbon has eluded them - until this year.

The stud based in Murgon, finally snagged the big one with 814kg, 16 month old bull, Midas Collosus C002, boasting an EMA of 129 sq cm.

Midas Collusus C002, handler Caitlin Warner, and owner Chris Braithwaite.

Mr Braithwaite said the bull had previously won the 12 to 14 month
age class at this year’s Sydney Royal Show. He has been a good
calf from day one, and is a full brother to the Reserve Champion
from 2007, Midas Brutus, Mr Braithwaite said.

Judge, Erica Halliday, Walcha, NSW agreed, describing him as an
ideal animal to target a number of markets, with his thickness,
structural correctness and “lovely sire appeal”.

Reserve Champion Bull went to 578kg, 13 month old bull,
Weetalabah HB Cookie, exhibited by the Nixon family (Julie and
Aderian Nixon) Chinchilla.

Weetalabah HB Cookie

The Chaplin family (Glen and Madonna Chaplin) of Sunshine
Gelbvieh Cooroy, won Champion Female with their 33 month old
Sunshine Diamond Girl A01 with a thumping six month old calf at

Caption Sunshine Diamond Girl A01 with Nadine Holt,
Guy Swan and judge Erica Halliday.

Midas Gelbvieh tasted success again, taking out Reserve
Champion Female with their 17 month old heifer, Midas Callista

Midas Callista C001 with Erica Halliday and Caitlin Warner.

The trophy for Most Successful Exhibitor went to the Sunshine
Gelbvieh Stud.”

Qld Branch donates the $50 trophy for Most Successful Exhibitor.


The Gelbvieh “get together” pre-sale dinner at the Jackie Howe
Motel in Warwick on Thursday evening, 24 July 2008, was well
attended with 43 guests enjoying a great meal and good fellowship.

Winner of the lucky spot for a basket of macadamia products
donated by Australian Tropical Gelbvieh was Terry O’Halloran.
Winners of surprise draws for beautiful ‘Pure Heaven’ and
‘Suttons’ apple products donated by Val and Ian Rogers,
Granite Gold Gelbvieh Stud were Aleacea Nixon, Tracie Borg;
and George McVeigh.

The lucky vendors’ draws for three lots of imported semen kindly
donated by Gail and Ron Anderson, Bar GR Cattle, High Prairie,
Alberta Canada were won by Geoff Steinbeck, Dieter Ruzicka
and Glen Chaplin.

The donation of goods for prizes, lucky draws and thank you gifts
was much appreciated. Thank you to Evan and Jean McKenzie,
Brice and Fran Kaddatz, Val and Ian Rogers and Gail and
Ron Anderson.


The Gelbvieh Council raffle run by Malcolm King created some
excitement with a flurry of buyers for limited tickets with the raffle
drawn that night.

1st Chris Braithwaite
     1 years’ subscription to Gelbvieh World Magazine
     and a Gelbvieh Cap

2nd Cas Steinbeck
     Gelbvieh Vest and Gelbvieh Cap


Gelbvieh enthusiasts enjoying the night are pictured below and are
named from left to right. Photos are all courtesy of Val Rogers’
camera with photos taken by both Val and Malcolm King.

Shirley O'Halloran (Clifton Qld), Aleacea and Julie Nixon (Chinchilla Qld)
and Alison Johnson (Millmerran Qld) welcomed the guests.

Lincoln Bewick (Ravenshoe Qld), Brenda and Rob Johnson
(Warwick Qld), Val and Ian Rogers (Stanthorpe Qld) and
Thomas Bewick (Ravenshoe Qld).

John and Kim Pugh (Narrikup WA), Aderian and Julie Nixon
(Chinchilla Qld), Colin Flannagan (Neerim Sth Vic.) and
Wendy Jackson (Guyra NSW).

Viv Vinnicombe and daughter Michele Fleming (Serpentine WA),
and Doug Roberts (Narromine NSW).

Garry Burton (Dubbo NSW), Cas Steinbeck, Keith and
Margie Single (Dungowan NSW).

John Gommers (Murray Bridge SA), Ian Rogers (Stanthorpe Qld)
and Geoff Steinbeck (Tamworth NSW).

John Thomas (Armidale NSW) and Phil Glover (Gunnedah NSW)

Malcolm King (Darra Qld) and Michael Jackson (Guyra NSW)

Elders Warwick staff and Terry O’Halloran (Clifton Qld).

Tracie and Michael Borg (Clermont Qld) and Clyde Johnson
(Millmerran Qld).


The Qld Branch President, Chris Braithwaite, thanked the Sale
committee and in particular the Secretary, Julie Nixon and the
Treasurer, Alison Johnson for their efforts in bringing the sale

Chris presented Alison left, and Julie right, with gifts in appreciation.


Clyde and Alison Johnson, Norolle, Millmerran Qld, were honoured
with Life Memberships of The Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc.
in a speech made by Councillor Geoff Steinbeck. They were both
shocked; but delighted.

Clyde found his voice to thank the members for the honour and
said they will continue to support the Association and breed quality
Gelbvieh stock for as long as they can.

Alison Johnson, Geoff Steinbeck and Clyde Johnson at the
announcement, which was, apparently, a surprise only to Alison
and Clyde.




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