Qld Members both stud and commercial were asked to provide some sales figures for the twelve months May 2016 to May 2107. Six replied to indicate a total of 180 head. Some record prices were achieved for steers and culled cattle. One large stud had a complete sell out of Gelbvieh bulls for this twelve month period.

BULLS 28 22 Gelbvieh, 2 Balancer, 4 Gelbvieh x

STEERS106 Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh x

FEMALES 14 13 Gelbvieh, 1 Gelbvieh x

CULLED 12 Sold through the yards

CULLED 20 Sold to the meatworks

SALES 2013 - 2017

From 2013 onwards Queensland Gelbvieh Stud members who usually sell at Sale fixtures, including Midas, Weetalabah, Terley, Sunshine, GN, ATG, Granite Gold and UR Diamond have sold successfully either

(a) Privately and /or (b) at Fixtures such as:

All Breeds Sale - Rockhampton (February)
AgGrow Field Days Sale - Emerald (July)
Qld Gelbvieh Sale - Coolabunia Saleyards Kingaroy (August)
All Breeds Sale - Coolabunia Saleyards Kingaroy (August)
AgShow Sale - Toowoomba Showgrounds (September)

These Sales have enabled Queensland Gelbvieh breeders to sell to both new and repeat clients..


A total of 960 head were yarded. In the stores, Michael Borg and Family Calveston, Clermont won the Champion pen with a line of eight month old just weaned, EU accredited Gelbvieh x Brahman steers, weighing 328kg and selling to 180c / $591 average.


The Norolle ‘Heart of the Herd’ Gelbvieh Sale was conducted by Elders Limited and Auctions Plus on Friday 12 July 2013. Of the 64 lots offered by Alison and Clyde Johnson, 92% sold.

50 females - 8 months to 13 years - sold for $59,000 to a top of $3,400
8 bulls - 8 to 23 months - sold for $27,000 to a top of $6,200

See details on the Norolle Website. Access via the MEMBERS page.



Sale Date: Wednesday 10 July
Where: AG Grow Site Emerald Qld
When: 9 July - 11 July
Vendors: Midas & Terley

Chris Braithwaite, Midas Gelbvieh, Murgon. Mob: 0429 073 758
Terry O’Halloran, Terley Gelbvieh, Clifton Mob: 0428 713 239



Sale Date: Saturday 24 August 2013
Venue: Coolabunia Saleyards - Kingaroy Q
Vendors: Crosshill, Midas, Norolle, Sunshine, Weetalabah
Selling Agents: Elders and Landmark

Branch Meeting: 5.30 pm Friday 23 August
Dinner & Get-together: 7 pm Friday 23 August
Venues to be announced

Burke and Wills Motor Inn Ph: 07 4162 2933
Kingaroy Country Motel Ph: 07 4162 1966

Qld President - Chris Braithwaite Mob: 0429 073 758
Qld Secretary - Julie Nixon Mob: 0414 253 936



The 2012 Gelbvieh Sale was incorporated in the Elders AgShow Sale on
Wednesday 5 September 2012 at Toowoomba Showgrounds with mixed results.
Midas, UR Diamond, Weetalabah and Norolle, participated in the sale.

Top price bull was Norolle Finance 49 F46 at $4,500 to Monivae Past Co Tara Q.
Weetalabah and Midas realised good prices for Lots purchased by repeat clients;
and volume buyer Ross Becker and family, Taroom Q.

Auction Action on Gelbvieh lots at the AgShow Sale 5 Sept 2012 Toowoomba

Pre Sale dinner attendees included Julie and Ken Thompson, Ian and Val Rogers,
Alison and Clyde Johnson, Julie Nixon, Annie MInehan; Stuart, Emily, Robbie and Kathy Rabone,
Chris Braithwaite, Jacquelyn and Jon Fulton, and Mr and Mrs Perret. Photo: Emily Rabone


AgGrow in July was very wet, attendance all over was down, with
the first day cancelled due to bad weather.

Bulls of all breeds totalled 108 with 80 bid cards registered.
Gelbvieh achieved 100% clearance for 12 bulls from three vendors.

Terry and Shirley O’Halloran, Terley stud, Clifton Q sold one purebred bull
for $4,000 and their three Gelbvieh X Droughtmaster bulls averaged $3,000.

Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas stud, Murgon Q averaged $3,160 for their
six Gelbvieh bulls.

Michael and Wendy Jackson, Jackson Pastoral Co, Guyra NSW averaged
$4,000 for their two Gelbvieh bulls.

Saturday 20 August - Toowoomba Showgrounds

Sale Results:
18 bulls sold to a top of $9,000 to average $4,000
5 females sold to a top of $3,500 to average $2,500

23 head sold to average $3,675

Lot 21, Norolle 2R Emperor E95, top price bull at $9,000 with Elders
Studstock auctioneer Andrea Meara, Toowoomba, new owners Julie
and Aderian Nixon, Weetalabah Gelbvieh, Chinchilla Q, and vendor
Clyde Johnson, Norolle Cattle Company, Millmerran Q.

Lot 2 $6,500

Lot 4  $5,500

Lot 21 $9,000

Lot 24 $6,500

Lots sold at Auction in Vendor Order:
See FULL CATALOGUE LISTING below this information

Clyde and Alison Johnson, Norolle Gelbvieh, Millmerran Q

Lot 1 $3,000 - M Borg Invest. P/L Clermont Q
Lot 2 $6,500 - Annette Boland Roma Q
Lot 3 $5,500 - Lana P/ship Uralla NSW
Lot 4 $5,500 - Palmer & Sons Boonah Q
Lot 5 $4,500 - M Borg Invest. P/L Clermont Q
Lot 20 $3,500 - Taynham Park Koreela NSW
Lot 21 $9,000 - AJ & JC Nixon Chinchilla Q
Lot 23 $2,500 - M & LM Bowman Southbrook Q

Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas Gelbvieh, Murgon Q.

Lot 8 $2,500 - DJ & JV Cuddihy Dalby Q
Lot 24 $6,500 - Lindsay Palmer & Sons Boonah Q
Lot 26 $2,500 - Michael Borg Investments P/L Clermont Q
Lot 27 $3,000 - Blue Ribbon Gelbvieh Edenville NSW
Lot 28 $3,000 - D & J Collyer Hughenden Q
Lot 29 $3,000 - Lana P/ship Uralla NSW
Lot 30 $2,750 - Blue Ribbon Gelbvieh Edenville NSW
Lot 31 $3,000 - Blue Ribbon Gelbvieh Edenville NSW
Lot 32 $3,500 - CD & RA Dellaway Caboolture Q
Lot 33 $1,500 - I & V Rogers The Summit Q
Lot 35 $1,750 - CD & RA Dellaway Caboolture Q

Aderian and Julie Nixon, Weetalabah Gelbvieh, Chinchilla Q

Lot 13 $3,500 - M Borg Invest P/L Clermont Q

Glenn and Donna Chaplin, Sunshine Gelbvieh, Cooroy Q

Lot 14 $5,000 - TM & SA O'Halloran Clifton Q
Lot 15 $2,500 - Lana P/ship Uralla NSW

Ken and Julie Thompson, Urdiamond Gelbvieh, Cinnabar Q

Lot 16 $3,500 - D & J Collyer Hughenden Q




AgGrow at Emerald Qld was held under near perfect weather. This year it ran from Tuesday to Thursday whereas in previous years it has been a Thursday to Saturday event.

While this change may have reduced the number of attendees, the interest in the Multi Breed Stud and Commercial Bull Sale on Wednesday 6 July was keen.

A much smaller catalogue of 146 bulls this year, resulted in the Sale being a ‘one day event’ with a larger clearance at 80% and a higher than usual average of $3,985.

With no pure Gelbvieh bulls coming forward for sale, seven Gelbvieh cross sires were presented. Five went to auction and two were for private sale on the Qld Gelbvieh Branch Site with all bulls being sold.

Terry and Shirley O’Halloran, Terley Stud, Clifton Qld sold four bulls to average $3,1878 topping twice at $3,500. Michael and Wendy Jackson, JPC Stud, Guyra NSW sold three Gelbvieh x Brahman bulls at $2,500 each.

I would like to say a special “thank you” to Matthew Jackson for his time and effort in manning the Gelbvieh site for much of the three days at AgGrow.

We look forward to catching up with our fellow breeders and vendors in Toowoomba on 20 August when the Society will conduct their Annual Gelbvieh Bull and Female Sale.

Report: Terry O’Halloran


Saturday 21 August - Toowoomba Showgrounds

Sale Results:
14 bulls to $6,000 to average $4,035
15 females to $2,000 to average $1,583

Norolle 43 Dalrymple D89 top price bull at $6,000 pictured with Andrew Meara, Elders,
Mark Scholes, Landmark and vendor Clyde Johnson.
Photo: Col Jackson


Lot 5 - $5,000

Lot 6 - $5,000

Lot 7 - $4,000

Lot 13 - $6,000

Lot 14 - $4,500

Lot 22 - $4,000

Lot 53 - $2,000

Lot 54 - $1,500

Lots Sold at Auction in Vendor Order:

Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas Gelbvieh Murgon Qld

Lot 5 Midas D19 $5,000 B Lowther Capella
Lot 6 Midas D-Bolt D4 $5,000 B Lowther Capella
Lot 19 Midas D43 $2,500 G Leitt Childers
Lot 21 Midas D57 $4,500 B Wilson Biggenden
Lot 22 Midas D11 $4,000 C and R Dellaway Caboolture.

Lot 33 Midas Opal E54 $1,000 Golden Gate Gelbvieh Tasmania
Lot 34 Midas Calista E17 $1,250 Tayjac Gelbvieh Dorrigo NSW
Lot 35 Midas Windlass E2 $1,200 AMH & NE Leerentveld Pittsworth
Lot 47 Midas Beatrice A4 $2,000 Golden Gate Gelbvieh Tasmania
Lot 48 Midas Opal Y2 $1,500 A Boland Roma

Julie and Aderian Nixon, Weetalabah Gelbvieh Chinchilla Qld

Lot 7 Weetalabah Cookie $4,000 Atkinson family at Cambooya
Lot 8 Weetalabah Dogsbody $2,500 Golden Grove Stud Condamine

Deiter Ruzicka, Homebush Gelbvieh Stud Allora Qld

Lot 10 Homebush Dual $2,500 NR & RM Postle Felton
Lot 38 Homebush Dolly $1,000 AMH & NE Leerentveld Pittsworth
Lot 39 Homebush Daisy $1,000 GK Livestock Dalby
Lot 40 Homebush Disc $1,750 Golden Gate Gelbvieh Tasmania
Lot 50 Homebush Delta $1,000 GK Livestock Dalby
Lot 52 Homebush Dove $2,000 T & S O’Halloran Terley Stud Clifton

Clyde and Alison Johnson, Norolle Gelbvieh Millmerran Qld

Lot 13 Norolle 43 Dalrymple D89 $,6000 C Mylrea Dingo
Lot 14 Norolle GK Darkside D46 $4,500 Phipps family Taroom
Lot 16 Norolle PB Duplicity D57 $5,000 F Rich Blackall
Lot 17 Norolle 703 Democrat D54 $2,500 C Mylrea Dingo
Lot 18 Norolle 703 Diesel D60 $5,000 F Rich Blackall
Lot 23 Norolle 43 Debonair D78 $3,500 Arbroath Grazing Co Roma

Lot 42 Norolle Shady Lady B48 $1,500 UR Diamond Stud Cinnabar
Lot 43 Norolle GK Madonna B35 $1,500 A Boland Roma at $1,500
Lot 53 Norolle Shady Lady E50 $2,000 Dobson family Tasmania
Lot 54 Norolle 2R Hot legs E66 $1,750 A Boland Roma

Several lots from Homebush, Midas, Norolle, Sunshine and Terley Studs were sold post Auction.

Selling agents were Elders and Landmark.

For information about Gelbvieh and Registering a Stud

Contact the General Manager
Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc.,
ABRI, University of New England, Armidale NSW 2351.

Ph: 02 6773 3126 Fax: 02 6773 1943

Queensland Website:


The Ag Grow Superior Bull Sale was held at the Emerald Field Day
site on Thursday 8 July and Friday 9 July 2010. This sale heralds the
start of the 2010 - 2011 financial year multi-vendor stud and
commercial sales; and is usually a guide to future sale events during
this selling season.

The sale cleared 67% of the catalogue for an overall average of
$3,260. The Gelbvieh draft of 12 stud and Gelbvieh infused bulls sold
above that percentage to clear 75% for an average price of $2,861.

The top selling stud bull was Sunshine Dynamite D122, at $3,250, from
the Chaplin family, while the top selling commercial bull at $5,000, was
the O’Halloran’s Gelbvieh cross Brahman, Terley 819.

Vendors and agents alike were disappointed with the overall sale
results and they indicated that confidence in the industry is lacking at

Gelbvieh stud vendors who supported the 2010 Sale were
Queenslanders Glen and Donna Chaplin ‘Sunshine’ Cooroy, Dieter
Ruzicka ‘Homebush’ Allora, Terry and Shirley O’Halloran ‘Terley’
Clifton; and NSW breeders Michael and Wendy Jackson ‘Double J’

The Gelbvieh display stand was again conducted under the banner of
the Australian Gelbvieh Asn. Inc. Qld Branch, however very cold,
showery, windy conditions on the Thursday restricted activity around
all display sites.

Thanks to all vendors who supported the sale. Members look forward
to meeting again at the Toowoomba Showgrounds on Saturday 21
August 2010, for the 2010 Gelbvieh Sale, where both bulls and
females are lotted.

Report: Terry O’Halloran

Lot 218 Terley Dominator 806, Gelbvieh,
sold for $3,000.

Lot 219 Terley 819, Gelbvieh x Brahman,
sold for the top price, $5,000.

Lot 223 Sunshine Cyclone D201, Gelbvieh,
sold for $2,500

Utilising the new banner at the Gelbvieh
display site at AgGrow.


STUDS:  ATG, Homebush, Norolle, Midas, Sunshine, Terley, Weetalabah.
COMMENTS: For immediate sale and ready to work.
CONTACT DETAILS:  See the Member's Page.

L to R: Vendor, Margaret Wilksch GA Gelbvieh Flaxley SA; General Manager
Australian Gelbvieh Asn. Inc., John Thomas; and prospective buyer Mark Lowery,
Albury NSW, at the display tent prior to the Sale.


Thanks to the vendors, bidders, buyers and agents who participated in the
2009 National Gelbvieh Sale at Warwick on Thursday 24 September.

In a strong sale, bulls went to $13,000 and averaged $4,088 for those sold to
gross $69,000. Females sold to $6,750 to average $2,333 and included a
number of young unjoined heifers, to gross $35,000.

Topping the sale at $13,000 was Lot 34 Midas Collosus C002, 2009 Sydney
Interbreed Champion Bull with an EMA of 141 and weight of 1110 kg bred by
Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Murgon. Colossus sold to new Gelbvieh stud
breeders Mathew and Debra Kelly, Currabubbula NSW.

LOT 34   I.D. MGCPC0002
Midas Collosus C002

LOT 35   I.D. MGCPC0013
Midas Cossack C013

The Kellys also purchased Lot 35 Midas Cossack C013, a Free Agent son,
for $8,000; Lot 53 Terley Bouncer at $3,000, from Terry and Shirley
O’Halloran Clifton; and Lot 4 Granite Gold Dolly at $2,500, one of the four
females sold by Ian and Val Rogers The Summit. Four of the Midas females
offered, sold to $2000.

Michael Borg Investments, Calveston Station Clermont outlayed $14,000 for
three bulls. These were Lot 42 Double J Clarry by Double J Zulu at $5,500
from Michael and Wendy Jackson at Guyra NSW, Lot 30 the 19 month old
Sunshine Capabull from Glen and Donna Chaplin, Cooray at $5,000; and Lot
51 GA Dark Peter C10, at $3,500 from Margaret Wilksch’s GA Gelbvieh stud
in South Australia.

Lot 42  I.D.  JJPC0176
Double J Clarry

Lot 30  I.D. RLPPD0001
Sunshine Capabull

Clyde and Alison Johnson Millmerran, sold all six lots offered. The three Lady
in Red Family females, included Lot 13 Norolle Lady in Red C43, sold at
$6,750 to repeat Roma clients, G and A Boland. Lot 5 the calf off the 2009
Sydney Supreme Exhibit sold for $5,750 to Dobson’s Golden Gate stud in
Tasmania and Lot 12 made $3,000 selling to new stud breeders Glen and
Lorraine Willcox of Port Macquarie NSW.

LOT 5   I.D. NPD0049
Norolle Lady in Red D49

LOT 13   I.D. NPC0043
Norolle Lady in Red C43

Norolle bulls Lots 24, 32 and 54 sold to NSW studs. 703 Duplicate D45 at 13
months, sold for $4,000 to Double J Gelbvieh Guyra, Conair C59 sold for
$4,000 to Daryl McArthy, Silver Downs Tenterfield and proven sire Polled
Beckham C43 at $4,500 went to Geoff and Cass Steinbeck’s Excel Stud at
Dungowan via Tamworth.

LOT 24   I.D. NPD0045
Norolle 703 Duplicate D45

LOT 32   I.D. NPC0059
Norolle Conair C59

Queensland vendors Julie and Aderian Nixon, Weetalabah Chinchilla offered
two bulls and Ced Wise, Glenisa Glen Aplin lotted a bull and females in the
Sale. Interstate vendors, John Gommers, Wychwood Stud Murray Bridge SA
and Doug Roberts, DKR Stud Narromine NSW each sold a bull. Ebony
Lodge Willowgrove Vic. sold three bulls. Six Ebony Lodge female lots sold to
a top of $3,000 for nine months old Lot 10, Ebony Lodge Sheraton D11,
purchased by Julie Gould, Goomeri.

Lot 10  I.D. RALPD0011
Ebony Lodge Sheraton D11

LOT 12   I.D. NPC0063
Norolle Lady in Red C63

The semen lots from Morgiana Stud Vic. grossed $3,900.

Thanks to selling agents Elders and Landmark.


Vendors and clients at the Gelbvieh site.

Terry O’Halloran with Terley lots at AgGrow.

The Annual Queensland Superior Beef Bull Sale conducted at the AgGrow Field Days in Emerald saw 228 bulls listed for sale with 12 breeds represented.

Once again Gelbvieh was supported by three vendors - Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas
Stud Murgon, Michel and Wendy Jackson, Jackson Pastoral Company Guyra; and Terry
and Shirley O’Halloran, Terley Stud Clifton.

Eleven (11) Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh x bulls were submitted for sale. Clearance of 100% was achieved for an average of $3,227, reaching $4,500 twice. The overall sale could be
described as patchy with some breeds being hard to place.

Our thanks to the Gelbvieh breeders who supported the sale and we look forward to seeing
you all at our National Sale in Warwick on 24 September 2009.

Report: Terry O’Halloran


taps the economic potential of hybrid vigour.

with any other breed will produce an optimum combination
of feed efficiency, carcass yield and carcass quality.

pass on to their progeny the commendable Gelbvieh traits

* fertility
* longevity
* adaptability
* exceptional milk
* excellent carcass
* overall pigmentation
* high saleable meat yield
* outstanding weight for age


was held on
Friday 25 July 2008
11 am at the Warwick Saleyards, Qld


11 Registered Bulls sold to a top of $6,750 to average $3,727
3 Herd Bulls sold to a top of $4,750 to average $3,083
13 Registered Females sold to a top of $4,000 to average $2,327
9 Semen Packages grossed $10,950
5 Embryo Packages grossed $3,950

Sale Gross $111,930

Sale review courtesy of QCL 31 July 2008

“Prices rose to $6,750 at last Friday’s National Gelbvieh Sale,
Warwick, where the top money was paid for a son of the
Beef 2006 Interbreed Bull.

The sale saw 34 lots of the bulls, females and genetic packages on
offer sell for an $111,930 gross. Buyers came from most states, with a
strong interest on AuctionsPlus for the genetic packages.

Eleven registered bulls topped at $6,750 for a $3,727 average, three
commercial bulls topped at $4,750 and averaged $3,083 while 13 stud
females reached $4,000 and averaged $3,327. Nine semen packages
grossed $10,950 and five embryo packages grossed $3,950.

Michael and Wendy Jackson, Double J Gelbvieh Stud, Guyra, took a
draft of four to the sale, and were delighted to top the sale with Lot 22,
Double J Bronson, who sold to the WA College of Agriculture.

Lot 22

Although a NSW based stud Mr Jackson said Bronson “wore the
maroon jersey” as he has been at Allora where Steve Hayward
prepares the Double J show team through his Advance Fitting Service.
Bronson (calved September 14, 2006) is the first son of the Beef 2006
Champion, Double J Zulu, to sell at public auction.

The remainder of Zulu’s first 13 calves were sold privately, and so far
the Beef 2006 star has set a $5,850 average for his sons. Another,
younger son of Zulu sold at the National Sale for $3,750, while two
Double J Heifers sold for $2,500 and $2,250.

Two bulls sold for the second top price of $5,000. First was Lot 4,
Magnus Lexus (2008 Sydney Royal Grand Champion) from Doug and
Kristy Roberts, DKR Gelbvieh, Narromine, selling to Chris Braithwaite,
Midas Cattle Co., Murgon: while Geoff Steinbeck, Excel Genetics,
Dungowan NSW, also made the same money for Lot 7 Magnus Big
Boy Caddilac, selling to Clyde and Alison Johnson, Norolle Cattle
Company, Millmerran.

Lot 4

Lot 7

(Report correction) The Steinbeck family also sold Lot 8 Excel Buddy,
for $4750 to DB Hindmarsh, Springdale, Ballandean; while TM and SA
O’Halloran, Terley Gelbvieh, Clifton, sold the top priced commercial
bull Lot 27, Terley Commodore 702 to Michael Borg, Clermont, for the
same money.

(Report correction) The top priced female was Lot 45, Wychwood
Wonderwoman, sold by DA and JS Gommers and Sons of Keith, SA,
to Colin Flannagan, Neerim South, Vic, for $4,000. A cow and calf from
Ced Wise’s Glenisa stud at Glen Aplin sold to the Jacksons of Double
J Gelbvieh Guyra for $3,500.”

Lot 45

Other successful vendors included Julie and Aderian Nixon with the
sale of their two,10 month old black heifers, Lot 32 to M and C Turra
Guyra and Lot 33 to Elyse Burton, Sweatwater Gelbvieh Stud, Dubbo,
both at $1,500.

Lot 32 & 33

Females from Chris and Julie Braithwaite sold to $2,250 and averaged
$1,750 while the females from Ced Wise sold to $3,500 and averaged
$3.062.50 for four head.

There were 46 registered bidders at the National Gelbvieh Sale.

The lucky bid card, No 27, was held by Paul and Kev Stephens, Swan
Creek via Warwick, who won the Wine Pack valued at $50,
3 Ballandean Estates Wines, kindly donated by Val and Ian Rogers.

Buyers of the most lots which entailed eight head, bid card No 39,
Bruce and Kate Jackson, Condamine, received a Plaited Leather
Whip, valued at $100. The whip was made by Don Batterham of
Amiens and kindly donated by Val and Ian Rogers. Thank you to
Val and Ian for their generous support of the National Sale.



The Qld Branch - Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc. - conducted
a site at AgGrow at Emerald, in Central Qld, on 9 and 10 July 2008.

Three Gelbvieh vendors collectively presented 10 bulls for sale there
on 10 July 2008 for a total clearance and an average price of $3,100.

Top price was for a Gelbvieh Droughtmaster F1 sire from Terley Stud
Clifton, which sold for $5,500 to Dan Sullivan at Capella Qld.

Vendors flying the flag for the Gelbvieh breed were

Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas Cattle Co., Murgon Qld - 4 Bulls;
Michael and Wendy Jackson, Double J Gelbvieh, Guyra NSW -1 Bull;
Terry and Shirley O’Halloran, Terley Stud, Clifton Qld
- 5 Bulls.

Terry left, and Shirley O'Halloran right, discuss the merits of Gelbvieh
with potential clients at AgGrow 2008

Part of the Gelbvieh display at AgGrow 2008.




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